Collection size

As for the collection size, a 10,000 piece collection would be untenable for a project like this. Fulfilling orders and aligning the tastes of that many people would have been chaos. Exclusivity is thrown out the window with a collection of that size, and in luxury fashion, exclusivity is the name of the game. With a 1k collection, though, we can cultivate an intimate and thoughtful community that will really relish the experience and feel the weight of their decisions and influence along the way.

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NFT Distribution

Of the 1,000 NFTs to be minted, 20 will be sent for free to the world's best streetwear shops around the world, 20 will be kept by the harmony • ny treasury & team, 60 will be assigned to that many people in our Residency program, and 900 NFTs will be sold via the dutch auction and public sale.

Funding Ranges

More funding enables the harmony team to do & build more and with higher quality. We're providing a rough table on what you as crowdfunders can expect the outcome of your purchase of the NFT might look like (below). The higher the NFT proceeds, the more we can offer for salaries, attracting better talent, the larger marketing spend we can have, and the more we can spend building higher quality products.

Funding Range Table

The goal is to sell enough NFTs to fund a luxury streetwear label with enough runway for four years. The provided funding range gives us a dynamite budget that can execute world-class collections, activations, and hire tier 1 people. The aim is to build revenue every year, transitioning to profitable by the end of the fourth year. The lower the funding, the slower it will take for our brand to compete with the world's best.



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One of ones

There are three one of ones in the collection. Each one of one will have access to every seasonal collection drop, regardless of their mint position or their previous use of their early-access rights.

Mint Order

Mint order will have an effect on how early you have access to certain drops. The Maison will have access to drops in the order that their NFT was minted. The NFT to have been minted first will have a significantly higher chance of landing a spot for that drop than the 1,000th (last) NFT to have been minted. This right will be embedded into the NFT and will hold even after a secondary sale.


Members who have held their membership keys for longer will be conferred various privileges, such as speaking rights during design meetings.

NFT Commercial Rights

When you purchase an NFT, you own the underlying art completely. Ownership of the NFT is mediated entirely by the smart contract and the Ethereum Network: at no point may we seize, freeze, or otherwise modify the ownership of any harmony • ny NFT. harmony • ny grants you an unlimited, worldwide license to use, copy, and display the purchased art for the purpose of creating derivative works based upon the art The project name "harmony • ny", and other permutations, however, are not available for commercial use by NFT holders without express permission.

Access to Drops

In order for harmony to become a relevant brand, most of its collection needs to be open to the public. If we only sell our work to the Maison (harmony NFT holders), the brand born out of the harmony project will not grow beyond our NFT holding community. This is not a viable strategy for a fashion label. While we expect and want every NFT holder to get access to all products on each drop, assume that Maison access to each collection will be limited. The first third (or so) of every collection will be reserved for the Maison, and the remaining two thirds will be open to the public. Once you use your NFT to claim an item, you will be marked as having used your access privilege, and in future drops, Maison access will be open first to those who have not used their access privilege, and then to those who have. We will do our best to balance exclusivity as well as getting each and every harmony NFT holder the opportunity to receive or buy our work within the first three years of our existence. This rule is subject to tweaks in the future.

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Maison Discounts

Apart from the potential Collector's Edition Box Set, which comes with the amount crowdfunded to harmony, MOST or ALL items that the Maison purchases will be PAID, but up to wholesale or near wholesale prices (the same prices retailers pay before selling to the public at double, triple, or even more).

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Major Privileges

• Control of a luxury streetwear brand
• Access and influence over the design process
• Early or exclusive access to drops
• Exclusive access to reduced prices
• Exclusive access to events
• Exclusive access to media & content

Major Votes

• Brand name submission
• The brand name
• The creative director
• What items make it into each seasonal collection
• What collection item variations go into each seasonal collection

Votes will never, ever, be overruled by the Studio implementing those decisions.


Voting will mostly be conducted via snapshot voting, unless the Maison decides to move votes on-chain.

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Project Runway Style Creative Director Competition

This is a fun one. As a long time fan of Project Runway, I'm super excited to be kicking off a stunt like this. It feels great to be able to provide some up & coming creative an opportunity to make a name for themselves, and be incredibly well paid while doing it. Once the Creative Director is chosen, they will be hired on as full time employee and receive equity.

Competition Show Format

After sifting through what we hope will be thousands of incredibly talented designers and creative directors and going through many rounds of interviews and portfolio reviews, we will collect the top ten candidates to present to you via our dashboard. From those top ten, NFT holders will decide on their top five applicants. The top five applicants will then get the opportunity, via the show, to present their vision for what the brand will look like if they were in control of the brand. They will be provided a modest budget and 3-6 weeks to execute on these ideas. Then, our film crew will go to each of these candidates to hear their stories and watch them present the vision that they've been working on. This production will be aired on YouTube for the world to see. The harmony Maison will be asked to watch the series and decide who they want to have lead their brand. A week after the final airing, harmony • ny will open up a voting application on our website for a week for the Maison to vote who they think is most qualified to lead our exciting project. The winner of the vote will become our first Creative Director.

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Design Process

Throughout the design and manufacturing process, the harmony Maison (NFT holders) will be called on to vote on colors, materials, graphics, and other meaningful design decisions, to make this truly a collaborative and interactive streetwear brand. However, it's important to mention that not every item in the collection will be decided by the Maison. Not even the items that are selected by the Maison will be entirely designed by the Maison. We want to give the very talented Creative Director YOU have chosen to lead your brand, to have a ton of creative freedom and independence to create a captivating experience, brand, and clothing line.

Monthly Design Meetings

Once a month, the harmony Maison will get an inside look into how the designs for each new collection are shaping up, giving them rare access to the design process and a say in its direction.

Access & Markdowns

Access and markdowns given to the harmony Maison (NFT holders) will vary for each drop, depending on the direction the Creative Director takes with each collection. If the creative director wishes to create hyper limited editions, then we can do that and give access only to NFT holders. If the Creative Director wants to do bigger runs, we can make deeper discounts. But the Maison can expect early access and discounts for every product harmony • ny produces.


Drop dates will be given to the harmony Maison ahead of time.

Why NFTs

NFTs provide an almost perfect coordination backend for the facilitation of a project like harmony • ny. At the crowd-sourcing phase, NFTs on Ethereum are an excellent financial rails, where everyone putting money into the project is assured to get an NFT in return. With the harmony smart contract, people do not need to trust that harmony will return the money they've put in if the project doesn't reach its threshold, they can simply verify the code themselves (or have someone they trust do this). harmony benefits by not needing to pay a platform like Kickstarter a hefty percentage of the funding for this coordination. During the design phase, NFTs on Ethereum are a perfect authentication standard, allowing the team and NFT holders to be certain that only those that have funded the project will have the opportunity to participate in its design - simple at first but untenable when these rights change hands. The artwork attached to the NFTs will exist in perpetuity, assuring collectors that their digital possessions won't die by the way of a company. The voting process - central to harmony's concept - can be verified as true and accurate as it's transparently recorded on the blockchain. And, on top of everything else, should you ever lose hope in the project or, better yet, become a fan, NFTs on Ethereum allow you to use your favorite NFT marketplace to sell or buy the rights afforded to you by the NFT itself on a ledger that perfectly tracks ownership, without costly busy work from anyone working for harmony • ny. Stripe offers no such rails. Centralized DBs and servers provide no such assurances. And digital collectibles gated behind companies cannot promise a future in which they exist. Only Ethereum and other sufficiently decentralized smart contract blockchains can. And this is why harmony • ny can exist the way it does and why it can exist now and not ten years ago.

Final Thoughts

There are a million moving parts with this project. Especially with not having the creative director early on in the execution process. Their decision on collection size and runs, etc, will determine how we can offer pre-drop access and Maison rates, so please have some patience with how some of these details shakeout or change along the way.

What you see is roughly what you get. We don't plan on changing much of the structure that's been out laid before you on this site. With that said, EVERYTHING is subject to some change.

The lawyers are making us say this: PURCHASE AT YOUR OWN RISK. HARMONY • NY CAN GUARANTEE NOTHING. With that out of the way, the team (Kenzo & Tim) is fully doxxed, relatively young, and we don't plan on going through the rest of our career being the guys that swindled 900 people out of their hard-earned money.